Friday, September 21, 2007

United States Congress Recognizes Founding Principles of US Department of Education

I have the rights to, and authority for, the education of Michael, and the United States Congress also specifically recognizes these rights. The various individuals and agencies who have repeatedly attempted to usurp my rights to the education of Michael, have also intentionally suppressed evidence that Michael's rights to Equal Access to Education and Equal Protection of the Laws have been violated.

A "system" determined to oppress the rights of the student and the rights of the parent in education requires immediate investigation and resolution. New methods of accountability and transparency must be initiated to prevent these individuals and agencies from committing such egregious acts of intentional and criminal disregard for the law.

The various individuals and agencies named herein, including the City of North Tonawanda School District, must be held accountable for such flagrancy. A Notice of Declaration and Parent Rights, courtesy of the Texas Justice Foundation, should be placed in your child's permanent "education" record as a first-step toward accountability and transparency. Please visit the Foundation at An established link is located to the right of this post. The Laws of the State of Texas should be replaced with appropriate New York State law.

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