Friday, January 25, 2008

POST ENTRY: North Tonawanda High School "Administrator" Continues to Jeopardize Safety of Students...

The Standards: Project SAVE and Commissioner's Rules and Regulations 155.17 School District-Wide Safety Plans.

The Truths:
A recent post entry by me titled "North Tonawanda High School "Administrator" Continues to Jeopardize Safety of Students, Staff and Visitors" was removed from this BLOG by me for the reason that in re-reading TONAWANDA NEWS reporter Phil Dzikiy's article "NORTH TONAWANDA: Bomb threat at NTHS" conflicting statements were noticed related to the procedure(s) followed during the bomb threat alleged to have occurred 11 January 2008 at North Tonawanda High School. According to a statement by Lieutenant Tom Krantz, "North Tonawanda police checked the school and determined there was no credible threat before children went back to classes,..." This statement by Lieutenant Krantz contradicts North Tonawanda High School Principal Jim Fisher's statement that "The school entered lockdown mode twice, ...""Fisher sent a voice message to all parents of high school students that explained the school was first locked down for the bomb threat,...". "During lockdown, students stay in their classrooms until given further directions, Fisher said."

Nevertheless, lock down procedures are not to be used for a bomb threat occurring or that could occur inside the facility.

Principal Fisher has a well-documented history of negligent responses to violent incidents including under-reporting violent incidents to New York State Education Department and failures to notify local law enforcement upon notification of violent incidents, compromising the safety of students, staff, and visitors. Principal Fisher alleges upon SWORN Affidavit a series of "6 or 7 bomb threats" occurring the period of October 7 through October 12, 2005, where three were reported (one of which North Tonawanda Police Department indicates no report was required/October 12, 2005), which leaves "3 or 4 bomb threats" where no action was taken as required by law. Principal Fisher's mal-administrative and illegal and fraudulent responses to violent incidents remain yet un-redressed. Commissioner of Education Mills, along with numerous state agencies and individuals, has knowledge of these matters and has made every effort to keep all matters closed and un-redressed.

To read TONAWANDA NEWS reporter Phil Dzikiy's article " NORTH TONAWANDA: Bomb threat at NTHS" visit or contact reporter Phil Dzikiy at 693-100, ext. 114.

To obtain a copy of Emergency Management Operations Plan Quick Reference Guide for North Tonawanda City School District, call or visit City of North Tonawanda School District Administration Building, located at 175 Humphrey Street, N Tonawanda. The publication is free to the public.

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