Saturday, February 20, 2010

In Mangus case in NY, GLSEN may have much informing material | The News is

In Mangus case in NY, GLSEN may have much informing material | The News is

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Blix said...

I know nothing but what I've just skimmed in this article but I must say I'm slightly shocked (but at the same time, not) and impressed by this case.

I'm from Watertown, NY and I was the organizer of equality-related activities for LGBT people in the small city. Moving to Buffalo in late December '09, I was expecting to encounter much more acceptance of the GLBT people... however in actuality the first week I heard of the stabbing of a woman exiting a "lesbian bar" (Roxy's I believe) and another attack on a teenager at the Walden Galleria. Now I do a simple google search for "Gay Buffalo NY" and this is the article I end up at down the line.

Having tried to start a GSA in my high school before I graduated in 2006 and failed due to the ignorance and bigotry of students and faculty at my school, I would be able to sympathize with your son and possibly even on some levels with you. I'm very glad you're taking a stand and are very vocal about equality and supportive of your son - Kudos to you and I wish you and GLSEN the best of luck in your case. I'll try to keep this blog (and the NowPublic one) in my daily list of stuff to read. If you ever need anybody to get involved with anything political in the nature of GLBT Equality (whether it be youth-related in schools or more generic on issues such as Marriage Equality, etc) I would definitely lend you a helping hand.

Again, good luck with your case and I hope your son is doing better than he was prior to the incidents that built everything up to this point.

-Anthony "Colt" P.