Friday, September 14, 2012

North Tonawanda Teacher Convicted of DWI Reported to NYSED

Moral Character Complaint Filed Against North Tonawanda Teacher Convicted of Misdemeanor Driving While Intoxicated.

North Tonawanda, NY -  A North Tonawanda teacher was reported to New York State Office of Teaching Initiatives.

Superintendent of North Tonawanda City School District, Gregory Woytila, confirmed at a Public Session of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Education of the City of North Tonawanda School District held on Thursday, September 13, 2012,  that a Moral Character Complaint was filed with New York State Education Department Office of Teaching Initiatives in the matter of North Tonawanda teacher Arthur J. Harack who was convicted and sentenced on August 25, 2012, in Niagara County Court before the Honorable Sara Sheldon Farkas for misdemeanor driving while intoxicated.

Under New York State Education law, School District Superintendents must file a report with the Department upon knowledge that a certificate holder has been convicted of a crime or has committed an act that raises a reasonable question about the individual's moral character.  Complaints received by the Department will be reviewed pursuant to Part 83 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education to determine the appropriate action.

Last month, the Buffalo News reported:

Arthur J. Harack, 62, of East Robinson Street, North Tonawanda, was placed on three years' probation and ordered to pay $1,400 in fines and surcharges.
He was arrested Aug. 23, 2011, with a child in his vehicle.
Police measured his blood alcohol content at 0.13 percent. Harack was allowed to plead guilty to misdemeanor driving while intoxicated.
Farkas ordered him to sell his car or at least take it off the road, since he is barred from driving while on probation.
He also must not drink, but he has been, at least at weddings and social events. "Unfortunate circumstances happen that I have no control over," Harack said.
Farkas said, "I find that appalling. I find that outrageous ... I don't think you understand how serious this is."

Mr. Harack also had a previous arrest in June 2008 for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

As of this writing, Mr. Harack is still gainfully employed by the City of North Tonawanda School District. 

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