Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New York State: The Hypocrisy

Our story is given mention in this Legally Kidnapped: Baby LK Report For Halloween 2010.

It should be noted well that my son, Michael, was never truant or unlawfully detained from school. Michael was under the care of, not one but two, medical professionals who never released their demand for home-instruction.

In New York State it is a Class A Misdemeanor to file a false report with CPS. Principal James V. Fisher and City of North Tonawanda School District Child Associate Rosemary Fox were well-aware of the circumstances surrounding Michael's absence from school, yet they made the false reports to CPS. In effect, they circulated information known to be false and misused a state agency.

In light of all of the facts, several state agencies, including NYS OCFS, refused to let me file charges against North Tonawanda High School Principal James V. Fisher for filing a false report. In fact, NYS OCFS found 'no wrong-doing' by Principal Fisher. Given this, I did not attempt to bring any charges against Rosemary Fox. Ms. Fox filed the second false report the following school year (2006-2007).

Last month NYS OCFS released a 'Policy Brief' prepared by the Vera Institute of Justice.

"What their brief does not begin to explore is false filings of educational neglect charges, and why there are no investigations into this aspect. "

To this end, Chief Judge Honorable Jonathan Lippman, who denied my Motion for Permission for Leave to Appeal to the Court of Appeals at a session of the Court, held at Court of Appeals Hall in the City of Albany on the second day of September, 2010, has recently received "kudos" for his crackdown on  foreclosure practices. It's unfortunate that Judge Lippman does not follow the same procedures in his own Court.
The hypocrisy: "We can't have the process being a fraud," New York State Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman said in announcing the new procedure. "It has to be real and based on credible information."

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SM Kovalinsky said...

Thanks so much for this, Rhonda. By their own words they are condemned.