Friday, November 26, 2010

NY State's Top Judge Oath of Office Questioned

Miriam Snyder
Author of  "Exhibit" Alleges Fraud and Obstruction of Rule of Law by NY State's Top Judge, Jonathan Lippman.

On March 23, 2010, Human Rights Advocate and Survivor, Miriam Snyder, requested certified copies of (among others) New York State Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman's Official Bond and Undertaking and Oath of Office as noticed in this Scribd. "Exhibit: Jonathan Lippman Defraud[s] the US,...".  The request was made pursuant to Public Officers Law, Article 2.  It states, in part: "A judicial officer of the Unified Court System should file his or her oath or affirmation with the New York State Department of State (if he or she is a "state officer") or with the office specified by Public Officers Law Section 10 (if he or she is a "local officer") and, in addition, must file a copy of his or her oath or affirmation with the Office of Court Administration."

According to the "Exhibit" a Certified copy of the Oath of Office as NYS Judge was not produced for Lippman.  An April 1, 2010 response to Snyder's request from Shawn Kerby, Assistant Deputy Counsel for the State of New York Unified Court System, reveals a copy (allegedly non-certified) of the Oath was forwarded to Snyder (See, Scribd. "Exhibit", p 2).

Snyder likens the alleged obstruction of rule of law by Lippman to the continued attempt by New York State Acting Commissioner of Education David Steiner to appoint Cathleen Black, a wealthy media executive, as Chancellor of the New York City school system "...despite her advisory panel denunciation and public education deficiencies.-- ".  To this end, according to Synder, "The education system is criminally emulating the obstruction of the rule of law practices inflicted in the New York State judiciary under the unqualified ruler ship of NYS Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman."

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